Our topic today is the real estate market in Nashville, Tennessee and our forecast for what we can expect to continue seeing in 2015.

Sales Market

The sales market has been increasing, which results in higher prices for both buyers and sellers. A strong sales market also means there is potentially less profit if you’re looking to buy and flip a piece of investment property.

Rental Market

When it comes to the rental market, the monthly rental rates in Nashville are extremely high right now, and even the surrounding areas are seeing an increase in rents. The tight rental market has also created a reduced availability in rental homes. For that reason, tenants are staying in their properties longer. There is lower turnover and more cash flow for rental property owners. This type of market might mean a higher purchase cost if you’re buying rental property as first time investor or adding to your existing portfolio.

real estate agentSome of our owners have begun looking outside the metro Nashville area and the surrounding areas in Davidson County. With availability being reduced, it makes sense to expand your geographical area of interest.

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