Welcome to our blog series, The Five Keys to Effective Association Management.

We took the five biggest issues or questions we heard from our HOA boards that weren’t addressed by their previous property management companies. If you’re on an association board, you can use these tips to plan for the future. (more…)

Documentation and the Successful HOA

We have already covered the first two keys: communication and having an educated board. If you missed those videos or blogs, make sure you check them out because they’re two of the biggest factors in running a successful HOA. Today, we’re looking at the third key in running a successful homeowner’s association. That’s documentation.

Managing an HOA in Nashville: Record Keeping

An HOA is a business, and every business needs to maintain their documents. Proper record keeping of board meeting minutes, vendor repairs, and accounting are just some examples of documentation that needs to be preserved.

HOA Management in Nashville: Technology

Detailed, accurate, and transparent record keeping should be expected of anyone managing a homeowner’s association. At Apex Ventures, our managers use cutting edge technology to ensure your association is protected through proper documentation.

When it comes to running this HOA like a business, you want to cover your assets. Maintaining good documentation is essential to protecting your assets and the association’s.
If you have any questions about how to manage your technology or your record keeping, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Apex Ventures.