Welcome to our blog series, The Five Keys to Effective Association Management.

We took the five biggest issues or questions we heard from our HOA boards that weren’t addressed by their previous property management companies. If you’re on an association board, you can use these tips to plan for the future.

So far, we have talked about the three keys to the effective management of an association. Key one is communication. Key two is to have an educated and active board of directors. Key three is about maintaining accurate documentation. Today, we are looking at the fourth key: follow up on repairs.

Managing an HOA in Nashville: Repairs and Maintenance

There shouldn’t be much need to explain this one. However, you cannot assume the work was done or that it was done correctly. The repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner, so you have to be vigilant. Failure to fix a damaged doorframe could lead to water getting into the building. That may cause structural damage. The minor repair that was the homeowner’s responsibility could turn into a $5,000 repair that the association now has to pay. Hopefully, you’ll be able to collect that money from the homeowner. But you want to prevent that kind of damage altogether.

Homeowner’s Association Management: Follow Up

Tim ClayUsually, if you have a good HOA community manager, they will make sure repairs are done quickly and correctly. If you do not trust your property manager, or your association is self-managed, you’ll have to follow up yourself. At Apex Ventures, we have relationships with great vendors, and we follow up to ensure repairs are done.

In the final part of this series, we’ll discuss the one key to HOA success that is most overlooked: planning for the future.
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